What Small Business Is Really All About

I did a Google image search today for “small business”.  And let me tell you something, owning a small business comes down to two very import things.  Having an “open” sign and crossing your arms when posing for photos. That’s it. That’s the list. Or you know… I guess that’s what stock photo photographers think its boils down to.



Of the Top 41 results:

9 featured prominent Open signs. 17 featured owners with crossed arms. Sadly, no one reached small business perfection by combining for both factors in one picture.

The Lone Bellow – Live Video Performances

I first saw The Lone Bellow on a Tiny Desk Concert. The amount of energy and emotion they pour into an acoustic set is captivating.  Their albums, though solid, leave me wanting for the same level of output.  The Current has a video featuring a live performance of Heaven Don’t Call Me Home from their new album. You can also hear additional songs and an interview. The differences from the album cut are slight but something just seems more electric in their live performances.

On Hurry Up, X’s and O’s, and the future of Football

So how has the hurry up offense become a thing? By changing the chess match of offense vs. defense from pre-snap to post snap. Most people make the decision to not study the full complexity of football strategy. And I agree with that decision, but knowing some core concepts can prevent you from yelling something incredibly dumb in the stands or in front of friends.

Football is no longer as simple as an offense calling a running or passing play. Defenses don’t simply play man or zone defense on a play either. I read two good articles this week that explain where we’re headed with post snap decision making from the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

The first was Smart Football’s post on the Texas A&M (Johnny Manziel) vs. bama (saban) matchup. The important note here is in regards to what is called a Rip/Liz Match.

Rip/Liz Match is a pattern-matching adjustment to a traditional three-deep zone, which means that the zone defenders essentially play man-to-man coverage after the receivers have run the called pass pattern.

more specifically…

Rip/Liz match therefore gives the offense precisely what it doesn’t want to see. To oversimplify, they do this because when the inside receivers run vertical, those nickel defenders and linebackers run vertical with them, but if they quickly break outside to the flat or inside on a cross, those linebackers and nickelbacks, rather than chasing the receivers across the field, pass them on and drop to their zones and match up to the offense’s other receivers.

Read the full article for more explanation. But, the essential concept is that the defense plays zone or man depending on what the offense does during the course of the play.

So what about the offense? Take a look at how Chip Kelly runs the same play over and over again with a large variety of outcomes. Taking the concept of a option run and expanding it to a run/pass option.

“The player Michael Vick is reading is linebacker London Fletcher. If he steps up to play the run, Vick delivers to Celek down the seam. Up top, you can see Jason Avant has a block set up for a screen to Jackson. And the other option is handing it off to McCoy.”

The term basketball on grass dates bake to Purdue, Joe Tiller, and Drew Brees in the mid to late 90’s. But that was a reference to the scoring potential of that pass happy spread offense as much as anything. What you’re seeing now is a playing style that is actually starting to mimic the strategy and real time decision making of basketball.

Jason Sudeikis is Handling Post-SNL Life Well

I’ve come across two excellent videos featuring Jason Sudeikis in the last week. The widely spread Mumford & Sons video featuring Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, and Will Forte gets just about everything perfect. I never spent much time with their second album, but I have to imagine it’s going to be hard for people to shake this video from their mind when they hear the song going forward.

The second video, is a promotion for Premier League soccer on NBC. In a more traditional Saturday Night Live style filmed piece, Sudeikis teaches us that football is the same everywhere as the new coach for the Tottenham Hotspur.